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Rose is Back March 27/07

Hell has no furry like a womyn scorn or at least one who is a blogger with a consciousness for humanity.

A Lot has happened to me in personal life since the last time I wrote anything on this sight. All the events had to do with my well being, both spiritually and physically. All it I believe is the direct results of growing up in the government institutions' and being the off spring of residential school survivors.

In eighteen months ago I had a hysterectomy which is suppose to improve my quality of life through good health care. Then nine months ago my birth mother dropped dead just before me forty-sixth birthday and then for thanks giving I had another major surgery on my stomach that would also improve my health. As if this wasn't bad enough through all this my husband and I became homeless after my mother's passing and when our previous landlord got out of the rental business. All throughout my life my health has been plagued with poor quality of accessibility to affordable good quality food and medicine. I sometime feel like I have been used as a medical guinea pig. This is the same feelings that felt when I was toddler growing up in the children's hospital.

Becoming homeless just delayed the recovery process and has staggered the grieving of the loss of my mother for the second time in my life. The first time I lost her was when I was taken from her during the infamous sixties scoop when I was seven years old.

So over the past few months I have come to understand a little bit of why womyn must continue the fight for equality and demand justice for all. It is partly my understanding what my biological family had to go through without me. The inheritance of a small part of my father political attitude of the world that I have learn to utilize as a small part of my survival tool the tenacity to endure a lot and join in the struggle for justice for all. And then to purge in a health way when I read about things like the Kelowna Accord and how good it is going to be for us and knowing that family is just a small part of the estimate 175,000 (Estimate of 30,000 being First Nations)homeless people currently rescinding in Kanada.
Is going to give more housing, access to our traditional lands so that we can take care of ourselves or are there there going to be more of my brothers and sisters out on the streets without a home? Will it stop us from dying of premature deaths which are usually enhanced by malnuturishment, TB,AIDS, suicides or Diabetes

Subject: Kelowna Accord
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OTTAWA, March 22 - The leaders of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Assembly of First Nations and Métis National Council - today welcomed the vote by the House of Commons to adopt a law signifying the Government of Canada's dedication to honour its commitments in the 2005 Kelowna Accord to tackle acute housing, health and education hardships among Aboriginal peoples. The law would also require the Government of Canada to report back to parliament on the implementation of the Accord.

The passage of Bill C-292 does not compel the government to fund the commitments of the Kelowna Accord. However, the ITK, AFN and MNC strongly urge all Canadians to show solidarity with Aboriginal peoples and press the government to implement the commitments of the Kelowna Accord. ">Does this include joining us when we are being forced by the very government to create blockades to defend our land or does it mean that they will continue warehouse all in the criminal justice system until very speck of our lands are gone?

Mary Simon, President of ITK said, "It is encouraging to all Inuit that the majority of Canada's elected representatives at the federal level have stood up clearly for two things: overcoming shaming gaps in Aboriginal living standards, and honouring commitments made by the Government of Canada once they have been made. In doing so, we believe that MP's are behaving in the way that the Canadian public wants and expects. We are also pleased that former Prime Minister Mulroney has lent his timely and much appreciated support to the Kelowna Accord."

"I am deeply proud of this bill's passing in the House of Commons, as the Kelowna Accord represents the greatest commitment ever shown to the Métis Nation," President Clement Chartier added.

"First Nations want to express their appreciation to the opposition parties who showed their unwavering support for Bill C-292. - No from my community asked me- Does my opinion not count? It is clear to us and to all Canadians that the majority of elected representatives support the targets and objectives which will help improve the quality of life for First Nations," said National Chief Fontaine.

The 2006 Conservative Party election platform clearly states that a Conservative government will accept the targets agreed upon at the recent Meeting of First Ministers and National Aboriginal leaders, and work with First Ministers and National Aboriginal leaders on achieving these targets.

"Today, I remind Prime Minister Harper of this commitment to work together with us to meet the achievable and affordable non-partisan plan agreed to by all in Kelowna to make First Nations even stronger," concluded National Chief Fontaine.

(work cited Sent Ward, Joy, Sat, March 24, 2007)