Saturday, November 05, 2011

My Stance on The People Assembly Victoria 2011

My stance on the occupation is that all people have the right to have
their voices heard. Yes I like you do not like having my personal
space invaded by other people ; but I also realize that the issues
that this encampment is about also effect most us directly or
indirectly. How the corporate companies does effect us all in multiple
ways and that is the message that has gotten lost in this occupation.
It is unfortunate some people feel that their voices or issues are not
being heard, others are to afraid to speak out because they fear
re-processions of any actions they take or not take; so they feel that
there is safety in numbers and that they can come to an event like
this one and be with other like minded people.

In my opinion to be a protestor you have to be well versed and
prepared to deal with the consequences. I choose to refer to people as
educators because being called a protester has been typed cast in a
negative way; which leaves no room for any kind of change. But being
called an educator has a much more dignified title and warm response
then protestor. The consequence of these educators are mainly negative
because of people's passion which sets the level of how individuals
act when they are trying to express themselves. The media also plays a
huge role in determining the image on how the demonstrations are
relayed to a wider audience. The reporters are conditioned to exposed
certain issues in ninety seconds to a maximum of three minutes on
certain issues. So there is not a lot that anyone can relay in this
time frame whether it is a good or a bad reporting.

The issues that this occupation is trying to speak out against did not
evolve in 90 seconds nor will the end happen in in the same time

What to do with the educators is apart of the real issues. How do we
as a society ensure that when the camp shuts down that the issues are
heard, the occupants are not arrested and charged and that they leave
the place in a respect full way. This is a key concern as this most
like not going to be the last of this type of action. This action is
happening all over the world at the same time and carrying the same do we stop the corporate greed from creating more
poverty, suicide, homelessness and exploitation of every living thing?

We need to some how come to the decision making table on how to
dismantle to occupation or to relocate this community if we cannot
resolve this issue.

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